We’ve discussed “Big Data” many times in our blog posts and its promise to revolutionize business and marketing. A large number of companies are struggling to cope with a surplus of data from their various internal sources such as financial, mobile, transactional, customer research, social media, etc.

The combination of new analytical techniques, faster computing and instantaneous online resources has resulted in incredibly powerful tools that have changed the analysis game forever. But the ease of interpreting “Big Data” also has been frequently overstated. The reality is that harnessing Big Data can still be a messy and very labour-intensive business.

The uninitiated often believe that Big Data is a Magic 8-ball … however, it has immense value but only at a cost of proper analysis and interpretation.

We thought the following infograph was useful to clarify 11 time commonly held Big Data myths.

Credit: The above infographic was sourced from http://www.aureusanalytics.com