One of the major challenges being experienced by both data centre service providers and the enterprises they support, is the lack of clarity on future computing requirements. Data centre service providers have the constant pressure of having to forecast the most efficient scaling of their data infrastructure, but many enterprises have yet to specify their needs, leaving a huge gap in knowledge between service providers and end-users. So how do these providers manage issues such as capacity growth and cost containment?
The infographic below {posted by} highlights the key issues faced by these data centres in today’s fast paced and complex environment. Managing the modern data centre presents a myriad of challenges, and managers are feeling pressure due to a number of different factors. The key issues we see are these six:
1. Ensuring Availability and Uptime
2. Maximizing Capacity Utilization
3. Safeguarding Data Security and Disaster Recovery
4. Reducing Operating Expenses
5. Managing Energy Usage & Costs
6. Improving Staff Productivity & Expertise
Data centres face a number of challenges that can all affect total cost of ownership and the difficulty of managing their hardware. Businesses are expected to continue generating large volumes of information, and addressing that data growth requires a comprehensive strategy that makes strategic purchases while maximizing those investments.

In a recent survey of over 400 IT executives from around the world, nearly 80% of all respondents report their companies are planning changes to the physical infrastructure during the next 12 months. The reason they claim is that infrastructure challenges are inhibiting the progress of important data centre objectives.

Have a look at the infograph below which does a great job summarizing what’s needed to keep pace in today’s accelerated environment.

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