Computer Room Cleaning: Do Any of These Problems Sound Familiar?

• Recent construction causing a contamination nightmare?
• Unscheduled downtime causing major disruption and lost revenue?
• Dust, dirt, metal filings and other debris circulating under the sub floor?
• Surface floor looking a little dusty, soiled and marked up?
• Equipment covered in dust and grime?
• Equipment vents, grills and fan areas clogged with dust?
• Equipment failure due to dust contamination?
• Sensors and alarms not working properly?
• Equipment being moved in and out of room?
• New cables being laid? Old cables being pulled?
• Ceiling vents and light fixtures looking a little dusty?
• Windows in need of cleaning?
• Rodents under the sub floor causing cable issues?
• Inexperienced janitors causing on-site disruption?

Need Your Computer Room Cleaned?

A Data Centre is a dynamic and critical environment where many activities occur on a regular basis. These activities include staff performing their job description, equipment maintenance and upgrades, new equipment installation, cabling, architectural changes and construction. With these ongoing activities, creating a clean, organized, professional and healthy Data Centre environment should be paramount.

Cleaning Products
Our cleaning products are non-abrasive, lint-free, non-toxic, anti-static and environmentally friendly.

We are insured under the Intact Insurance Company and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Your Satisfaction is critical and if for whatever reason, you are unhappy with our work,
we will rectify the situation as quickly as possible. We stand behind ourservices 100%.

After Job Report
Once The Data Centre Precision Cleaning Project Is Completed, we prepare a detailed report outlining
the condition of the Data Centre before and after it was cleaned. A detailed report outlining 0.5-micron
air particle contaminants present before and after. A summary of temperature and humidity readings and a
recommended cleaning schedule to maintain a clean and healthy Class 100,000 Data Centre Environment.

Insist on The Data Centre Cleaning Experts
Pro Active vs. Janitorial Company

Don’t be fooled or misled by janitorial companies stating that Critical Data Centre cleaning is part of their contract. This is a very “Grey Statement”! Janitors just don’t have the time, equipment, experience and expertise needed to perform such in-depth, high-tech precision cleaning services in a sensitive high liability environment.