It should come as no surprise that we witnessed a continued explosive growth throughout 2016 of Big Data. This trend was fueled primarily by insatiable mobile demand and the emerging data rush to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT). Data is fast becoming the most valuable currency in this new data economy.

We came across the infographic (below) by Dell and found it to be both timely and very insightful. Aptly themed, ‘Big Data really means All Data’.

Just to recap, Big data refers to datasets that are so large, diverse, and fast-changing that they need advanced and specialized storage, management, analysis, and visualization technologies. The consulting firm McKinsey, once likened Big Data as “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity”.

Most medium to large enterprises have already adopted a data driven strategy and they understand the importance of proper data governance. Yet many of them are struggling with aligning their business and IT objectives. In the infograph Dell clearly promotes its own big data solutions, but they paint a very promising picture of the industry at large and we applaud the optimism for our overall prognosis in 2017 as we delve yet deeper into the data economy.

May the Force of Data be with us!

Credit: The above infographic was sourced from Dell