Are You Having Any of These Office Problems?

Computer Problems
• Soiled keyboards?
• Dusty monitors?
• Grimy mouse?
• Clogged CPU fans?

Printer Problems
• Soiled exterior?
• Paper jamming?
• Ink/toner spills?
• Airborne contaminants?

Telephone Problems
• Soiled exterior?
• Contaminated handset?
• Contaminated cradle?
• Sticky keypad?
• Phone odour?

Have you experienced any recent construction that may have caused dust, dirt and debris build-up in/around monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, printers and phones? Have any of your staff complaining that their workstations are dusty, contaminated and causing health issues?
In today’s busy corporate climate, people are spending up to 25% of their time at the office working, meeting deadlines and relying heavily on their Office Equipment to accomplish these everyday tasks.


Creating an environment where staff can be happy, comfortable, motivated, healthy and where equipment is clean, sanitized and operational should be paramount to corporate Canada. Daily use of Computers, Printers & Telephones will result in contaminated keyboards, dusty monitors, dirty mice, clogged cpu fans, ink/toner spills, paper jams, poor print quality, telephone handset germs, keypad grime and generally unhygienic office equipment.