This post takes a look at the key challenges that will be facing Data Centres over the coming few years. The main driver creating the biggest challenge is the explosive growth of data {over 800% in next 5 years alone}. Much of this data will be unstructured and when you combine this with many more users, more applications and more web-based software the problems only compound. The servers, networks and all associated hardware will face some serious challenges over the next few years.

Data centres will not only face the issue of grappling with ever increasing amounts of data, they will also need to tackle associated challenges of power, cooling and physical space congestion. During this massive data deluge, they will be dealing with the much needed transition from their old legacy systems to newer infrastructure and server technologies. Virtualization will continue to remain a performance tactic but evolution to a cloud infrastructure will be a major focus. It is expected that 2/3 of data centre workloads will be cloud based by 2016.

Rome wasn’t built in day and neither was the Web. It will be an enormous challenge for all the IT geeks and gurus to keep the Internet ticking. We wish them every success since we are all intricately linked to one another in our new ‘always connected’ internet society.

The infographic below does a great job of succinctly summarizing what leading experts believe are the “Top 5 Challenges” that will be faced by all Data Centers in the coming 5 years.

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